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The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration is a peer-reviewed electronic journal offered free each quarter. The journal welcomes manuscripts based on the original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus or implications for the management of distance education programs.

Winter 2023 - Volume 26, Issue 3

Using Q Methodology for Distance Program Marketing and Recruitment

Headshot of Michelle E. Bartlett
Michelle E. Bartlett
Headshot of James E. Bartlett, II
James E. Bartlett, II

This study explores Q methodology's effectiveness in understanding students' motivations and preferences in a distance doctoral program. Faced with the challenge of effectively revamping the program's website and marketing materials, a Q methodology study was conducted with current and past…

Strategies for Administrators: Promoting Continual Professional Development for Online Instructors

Headshot of Deborah Mixson-Brookshire
Deborah Mixson-Brookshire
Headshot of Ruth Goldfine
Ruth Goldfine
Headshot of Natasha Lovelace Habers
Natasha Lovelace Habers
Headshot of Alison Hedrick
Alison Hedrick

Professional development for faculty who teach in the online environment is key to ensuring student success, particularly given the rapid pace at which new technology is continually emerging. However, administrators face numerous challenges in delivering these professional development…

The MMDAP: An Effective Model for Digital Pedagogy in the Social/Behavioral Sciences

Headshot of Dinorah Nieves
Dinorah Nieves
Headshot of Christopher W. Berg
Christopher W. Berg

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapidly growing field of online education experienced an even greater surge, sparking increased interest in the particulars of effective digital pedagogy. Effective approaches include useful facilitator guidance, well-structured course design and productive…

Student Perceptions of Written and Video Feedback in Online Introductory English Composition Courses: A Lesson from the Field

Headshot of Emma Zone
Emma Zone
Headshot of Karen Olesch
Karen Olesch
Headshot of Margeaux Temeltaş
Margeaux Temeltaş

As the focus on optimizing the learning experience within online courses has sharpened, the features of Learning Management Systems (LMS) have evolved to allow for more multimodal instruction. While these features have become more sophisticated, there is still much to learn about how…

From the Editor

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Topping my holiday wishlist is for top administrators to understand students aren’t going back. Traditional dorm life (and the money that comes with it) is old-age thinking. There are so many who lack a college education that we must work together to grow the pie bigger rather than fight over what exists. In 2023, the relevance of high-quality online learning options for both traditional and non-traditional students is an argument that should not have to be made. If we are truly putting students first, then we focus on accessibility, affordability, and eliminating duplication.

Let’s dive into this and so much more at the 2024 Distance Learning Administration Conference in Jekyll Island next July. The Call for Proposals is underway now. I can’t wait to see you there!

Peace to all

Melanie N. Clay, Ph. D.
OJDLA Editor-in-Chief

December 15, 2023