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Winter 2020 - Volume 23, Issue 4

From the Editor

Greetings readers,

As the anxiety-ridden 2020 finally rolls to an end, I’m left thinking about what comes next in online learning. Uncertainty remains, but what we know is that we’re never going back to 2019. Most of us agree that spring 2020 semester was grossly less than ideal as we built online courses and trained faculty in about three to seven days. But we came out of it with increased passion for accessibility and a revitalized appreciation for hybrid delivery.

And as proctored exam systems became overwhelmed, we finally played around with more creative and genuine assessment alternatives. Of course, we were able to achieve just as much or more with remote work and meetings (yes, some were dull), but realized the vast importance of occasional informal hallway small talk.

As we begin to see a glimmer of light ahead, it’s okay to be grateful for the vast opportunities and one-in-a-lifetime lessons these challenges brought. But as for 2020 itself, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Peace and Virtual Hugs to All,

Melanie N. Clay, Ph.D.