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Fall 2021 - Volume 24, Issue 3

From the Editor

Dearest Friends,

I'm pleased and thrilled to announce the return of our Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World next February in Savannah. The call for proposals is now open. In these most unprecedented times, never has the need been greater for us to work together to explore mindful strategies to leverage technology in our hybrid and online classrooms.

Our struggles to maintain staffing levels, to engage uncertain students and to nurture positive work environments are more pronounced than we ever thought possible. Yet, these challenges represent opportunities to enhance our compassion and to accelerate our commitment to students and an educated citizenry. There's a calling for each of us to not only adjust but to be intentional partners in both personal and educational transformation. We'll explore this and so much more in late February (when Savannah is at its finest)! I hope to see you there.

Wishing you health and happiness, Melanie

Melanie N. Clay, Ph.D.