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Spring 2020 - Volume 23, Issue 1

From the Editor

Greetings readers,

I hope this letter finds you well in this time of uncertainty and angst. Most of us in distance learning administration are working to support a new world overnight that includes a mass entrance into online learning, changes in proctored exam requirements, and training and supporting students in a multitude of situations.

All of this is going on during a time in which we don't know when the storm will pass, and what the impact will be on our health, finances, and future.

Yet, thus far I have seen new levels of resilience come out in our teams, faculty and students. What is delivered to students suddenly thrust online will be imperfect, but it does present a brand-new opportunity for lessons that we can take with us to a brighter day. And what I have learned from the past is that distance learning administrators are willing to share their wisdom and resources as generously as they are able. It reminds me in some ways of our earliest days 20 or more years ago (except we were a couple of decades younger). Please take time to take exceptionally good care of yourself in spite of your heavy load, and ask your friends for help as needed.

I wish you health and peace.